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Today is #NationalTechiesDay, October 3rd: Celebrating Distinguished Innovators Elevating Tomorrow's Hospitality Experience

As we welcome October 3rd, National Techies Day shines a spotlight on the innovators propelling the hospitality sector into a new era. From the hotel's storied past as centers of relaxation and business, they now stand at the forefront of technological evolution, offering guests unparalleled experiences. Spearheading this digital revolution are our techies, whose expertise ranges from crafting smart room integrations tailored to each guest's preference to pioneering AI-driven concierge services.

Coinciding with National Cyber Security Awareness Month, National Techies Day underscores the dual mandate shouldered by our tech gurus. They don't just innovate; they protect, ensuring every guest's data remains impervious to cyber threats. As the future unfolds, we eagerly await an industry enriched by virtual reality tours, IoT-enhanced rooms, and omnipresent AI assistants. To the tech suppliers, developers, and visionaries reshaping the hospitality landscape: a heartfelt thank you. Your indomitable spirit and tireless efforts never cease to amaze me. Continue scrolling below to see our selected tech experts deserving recognition today!

  1. Nick Horgan, Chief Commercial Officer,  Amaze Insights

 Amaze Insights provides hospitality partners with the sales and catering reporting and analytics platforms needed to remain competitive and optimize sales revenues. Our platform allows hotels to view all key insights across their entire property portfolio in a single dashboard, including from multiple different sales and catering systems. To learn more, contact Nick @ 

  1. Edward St. Onge, President, is a marketing platform that helps reach, inspire, and win over travelers with a reimagined approach that's centered on authenticity and trust.

From inspiring a massive, new, right-fit audience with the help of past travelers to sparking conversations with planners deciding where to go next—'s out-of-the-box platform inspires growth, increases conversion, and tracks impact directly to revenue, all in real-time—and that's just the start. To learn about driving the lowest cost direct bookings, contact Ed @

  1. Cory Falter, Partner,  Lure Agency

Most hotel group sales teams have been operating on legacy systems with a very limited sales funnel, allowing them to focus only on the 3-5% of opportunities ready to buy. As a result, sales teams compete for the same business, often awarded solely on price. Ignoring the remaining 90+ of possible business that might book months or weeks ahead. Worse yet, most don’t realize they leave opportunities and money on the table.

As a Platinum Partner with Contract Contact, Lure Agency uses its Lead Gen & CRM capabilities to integrate sales and catering systems, such as EventTemple, creating a seamless marketing-to-sales ecosystem. This system employs advanced workflows and personalized automation, allowing prospects to be nurtured long before they're ready to buy. With long and complicated sales cycles, this tech ensures every opportunity is noticed and enables sales professionals to put their prospecting on autopilot.  To learn how to capture more direct group or B2B business, contact Cory @ 

  1. Bryn Tyler, Vice President of Operations,  HMA | Intelligent Marketing 

The HMA Marketing Platform is a strategic CRM solution customized for hospitality. We've built a proprietary data cleansing system that marries folio-level guest data with other data sources, representing the technological difference that powers this intelligent data platform. As a result, unlimited guest segmentation, VIP management platform, and customizable journeys are available. The customer portal combines highly curated data reporting, analytics, and campaign performance views with a suite of email and marketing management tools built with best practices to drive bottom-line revenue. To learn more, contact Bryn @

  1. Trevor MacLean, Strategic Partnerships Manager,  Event Temple 

Event Temple is a cloud-based venue management software that streamlines sales and operations for hotels and venues. As a comprehensive solution, it manages event inquiries, bookings, payments, and customer communications, providing a centralized platform for tracking and improving event activities. With key features like CRM, event booking, and seamless integration with other hospitality systems, it's a popular choice for hotels and venues of all sizes due to its user-friendliness. To learn more, contact Trevor @

  1. Cara Cusack, Director of Product & Operations Psiwire Inc.

Welcome to Psiwire AI, where we offer unparalleled Artificial Intelligence consulting services that unlock a world of opportunities for your business through the seamless integration of AI solutions. Artificial Intelligence is reshaping countless industries, with its influence spanning across retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, marketing, and gaming sectors. At Psiwire AI, we provide a diverse range of AI services tailored to your specific needs, beginning with an AI strategy roadmap that validates the feasibility of AI implementation in your company. Our comprehensive analysis includes assessing available data and uncovering data monetization potential to drive maximum value. When it comes to real-world implementation, our team excels in building production-grade AI solutions. We seamlessly integrate algorithms and models to support your business’s production systems, delivering real-time insights that drive informed decision-making. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we go the extra mile by providing ongoing support. From model validation to quality control and system stability, our experts ensure a smooth AI journey for your business. Embrace the boundless potential of AI with Psiwire AI’s exceptional consulting services. Let us help you navigate the AI landscape and maximize your business’s growth and success. Reach out to us today to embark on your transformative AI journey. For more information, contact Cara @

  1. Susi Barakat, Founder & CEO, eGiftify 

eGiftify is a comprehensive gift card marketing platform helping businesses of all sizes create, sell, manage, and promote their gift card programs. The robust gifting solution offers many features and tools to help companies increase sales, boost customer engagement, and drive loyalty. eGiftify makes creating and managing customized gift cards easy, selling them on their website in-store and accepting them as payment for products and services. They offer many hospitality-centric marketing tools to help hotels promote their gift card programs and track their results. In addition to these core features, eGiftify also offers gift card loyalty programs, bulk ordering discounts, and APIs for integration with existing eCommerce platforms and other systems. To learn more, contact Susi @ 

  1. Michael Garvin, CEO, LasoExperience

LasoExperience is a platform that offers a comprehensive guest experience for hotels. It allows guests to book their stay, purchase extras, order food and beverages, sign up for activities, book local attractions, and message with hotel staff using a single app. By integrating with the hotel systems, LasoExperience enables hotels to gain deeper insights into guest preferences, leading to enhanced guest engagement and personalized services. The platform is designed to be connected to the best hotel technology available. For more information, contact Michael at 

  1. Ben Powers, Chief Executive Officer,  Visiting Media

Visiting Media, a leading software company, redefines the way sales teams in the hospitality and event industries manage and share assets. As the world’s only provider of immersive sales and marketing enablement solutions for the hospitality and event industries, Visiting Media offers cutting-edge software designed to increase sales revenues and selling speed/efficiency and simplify asset management and delivery across omnichannels.  With their pioneering technology, Visiting Media is transforming the hospitality tech landscape, accelerating the use of immersive tech and giving their customers nothing short of selling superpowers!  Serving major ownership groups, management companies, and brands around the globe, they continue to bring proprietary solutions to the marketplace. For more information, contact Ben @

Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Techies Day:

  • Host a tech meetup or seminar: If you're in the hospitality industry, consider hosting a rally or seminar highlighting the latest technological advancements.
  • Share and Inspire: Tell your tech story on LinkedIn and other platforms. Your journey can inspire the next generation of techies.
  • Learn and Innovate: Use this day to learn about a new technology you've been curious about. Who knows? It might be the next big thing for your hotel or business!
  • Lunch for your favorite techies! If you are in the tech business, take your team to lunch!

As for me, I am spending my day today celebrating by spending time with some of my favorite tech suppliers in hospitality on #nationaltechiesday.  As we acknowledge and appreciate the tech pioneers revolutionizing our industry, let's continue to embrace the change and advancements they bring, ensuring every guest's stay is nothing short of exceptional.

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