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Marketing and Business Development Advisory Services * Enterprise Digital Advertising Strategy
Strategic Brand Development and Brand Revitalization * Website Development and Content Strategy
Global Project Management Leadership * B2B Digital Sales Enablement Solutions * Public Relations Expertise
Professional Coaching & Training * Hospitality Industry Experts * New Startups & Grand Openings

Welcome to our services support information page. We offer expert consulting services and contractor marketing support for your business to enhance your brand, increase revenue, and ultimately achieve YOUR goals. We can help all types of corporate businesses and entities and have a specialty in hospitality. Lisa Stice and her team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing customized solutions that meet our client's unique needs and challenges, helping them thrive in today's competitive marketplace. Here are just a few sample support services we provide.

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Business Branding, Revitalization, New Grand Opening, or Construction Startup: Which One is Right for You?

  • We will manage and direct all marketing strategies and implementation for your business needs. We have a team with niche expertise in hospitality-related needs, a hotel, resort, restaurant, spa, golf, or vacation rental startup.
  • Lisa and her team will work with your existing marketing partners or source and hire and direct new agencies to reposition and redeploy a new brand or grand opening on your behalf.
  • We will research, retain, and deploy new marketing and consumer-centric technologies for the new property startup.
  • Our team will also assist you in sourcing candidates for sales and marketing positions and serve as your task force team until you are fully up and running.
  • We are experts at helping you establish a detailed tactical marketing & campaign launch strategy and budget for opening.
  • We are skilled project managers and will also lead and oversee the execution of your new business's marketing, PR, customer technology solutions, and social media objectives.
  • We will provide your team PR support for the launch with our extended team of professionals and develop branded content strategy across all user platforms to help you ramp up to the opening.
  • We will oversee your website launch project or provide a complete website with content support, compliance consultation, SEO optimization, and post-launch campaign strategy.

Elevate Your Online Presence: Premium Website Development and Support Solutions.

  • We will work with you and your existing partners and agencies or research, retain, and hire a new agency to launch a complete website on your behalf. We have select partners we work with or can guide the process with your team.
  • We have advisory expertise to help you meet the latest DOJ compliance guidelines for a new accessible website.
  • Work with your team to create a winning SEO strategy and site map plan and develop the needed functionality and architecture for your success.
  • Develop a post-launch campaign strategy. Research, hire, retain, or direct the client's marketing agencies to meet goals and milestones. We will help you create the roadmap for success.
  • We are hands-on to help you with your existing SEO agencies to optimize the website and establish a metrics platform supporting the operation's marketing objectives or help you select the proper support with our SEO experts.
  • We are by your side to develop the overall content strategy for the website with your creative agencies and our experts.
  • We will help you, or handle for you, the development of the overall launch budget for growth with our oversight.

Innovative Approaches to Specialized Digital Marketing Projects:

  • We will develop a complete seasonal tactical digital marketing campaign plan and budget for your business.
  • Our team can be extended support for your business and work with your existing partners in all aspects of a marketing plan deployment. We can research, hire, retain the agencies needed, and support the on-site marketing team on your behalf.
  • We will oversee and develop the tactical approach and manage all aspects of a digital campaign strategy and deployment to completion and revenue success.
  • We help you understand your reporting insights, analytics, and offer follow-up presetnations and overall seasonal ROI analysis at the campaigns close.
  • We will provide deliverables and regular progress reports, expenses, budget analysis, and campaign monitoring progress reports throughout the season.

Expert Assistance for Short-Term Initiatives:

  • We will do a complete analysis of all marketing and revenue-generating systems and services and provide you with advisory services to improve the business.
  • We offer training and marketing support webinars for new hires or general training. We also provide condensed training in marketing for senior leaders, GMs and, executives to enhance their leadership skills for overseeing their marketing teams.
  • We can help you develop your annual marketing plan budgeting and tactical strategy development for the upcoming year.
  • We are experts in business enablement for corporate sales teams and B2B Lead Gen marketing strategy for corporations,hospitality brands and organizations.
  • We can help you develop online storefront and e-commerce product marketing solutions or gift card marketing technologies.
  • Our team can help you with competitor analysis and market evaluation research for new acquisitions.
  • We work with extended expert partners to help you as a legal liaison and support for matters in ADA accessibility & privacy compliance.
  • We can offer technical support and marketing strategy to implement a customer engagement or loyalty communications program - consumer and B2B journey development.
  • If you are looking for an expert on a specific subject matter for your next event in sales and marketing, we have experts ready to help you succeed with speaking engagements or onsite marketing training.
  • We can also help you with adhoc single short-term marketing campaign strategy, management, and launch. (Under 30 days)
  • We also provide one on one customized support for smaller operations, marketing support initiatives, and website development. (Boutique Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Clubs, Spas, Vacation Rental Business, and more).