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Maximize your business's potential with specialized advice and guidance in sales and marketing from the experts at Marketing EXPERTS International. Our team provides up-to-date insights on trends, technologies, and public relations to help you achieve growth and increase profitability. Whether you need a long-term strategic advisor, task force contractor, or short-term project manager, we're here to help you succeed.

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Our extensive network of EXPERT marketing partners can help you navigate your business strategy effortlessly.

At Marketing Experts International, our exceptional team of visionary experts takes pride in dedicating themselves to revolutionizing the marketing landscape with innovative solutions that generate tangible results. With a collective passion for excellence and a relentless pursuit of perfection, our award-winning trailblazers collaborate seamlessly with experienced marketers and top-tier agencies to provide a wealth of marketing expertise and perspective.

Greg Starmack
The Starmack Group
Pam Devaney
Resonate PR
Cory Falter
The Lure Agency
Ed. St. Onge
Jennifer Flood
National Compliance Group
Chris Lau
Lau Marketing
Cara Cusack
Psiwire Inc.
Martin Cusack
Psiwire Inc.
Stephanie Smith
Cogwheel Marketing
Wes Bodkin
Rather Studio, Los Angeles

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Experience the full range our services, delivered with confidence, to meet your branding, technology, and digital marketing needs. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing customized solutions that help your business thrive in today's competitive marketplace.


Our team of professionals will consult with your business's team desiring to undergo new launches or rebranding efforts. We offer comprehensive management and direction of all marketing strategies and implementations to meet your needs. We will work to optimize your business strategy efforts by working in collaboration with your current marketing partners or hiring and directing new agencies to reposition and reinvigorate your brand or launch a grand opening for a new venture. We will conduct thorough research to facilitate the deployment of innovative marketing and consumer-centric technologies and craft a meticulously crafted tactical marketing and campaign launch strategy to support your rebranding efforts.


We offer expertise in launching a comprehensive, experiential, and engaging website platform customized for your business needs. Or, we can work with your current partners and agencies to optimize your existing website and develop an enhanced or new content strategy. With Lisa Maria's expertise and knowledge of accessibility and privacy compliance, working with our partners, we will ensure online development meets current DOJ compliance guidelines and privacy laws. We work with you to create a detailed site map plan and develop the necessary functionality and architecture to bring your vision to life.


We offer comprehensive services for both seasonal campaigns and standalone projects. We will develop a tactical plan and budget to help you launch seasonal campaigns, work with existing partners or researching to retain new agencies as needed for you, and manage all aspects of the movement from strategy to deployment, with regular progress reports and budget monitoring. We provide a detailed analysis of the ROI and performance for all campaign deployments.
Digital strategy services include technology research and project management with implementation, training and webinars, marketing plan budgeting and tactical strategy development,

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Meet Lisa Maria:

A highly accomplished marketing technology executive with a unique blend of creative flair, B2B sales expertise, and digital marketing technical proficiency. With a proven track record of successfully crafting and executing impactful marketing strategies, Lisa's rare combination of skills sets her apart and enables her to drive exceptional results. Lisa has helped numerous organizations boost revenue, streamline operations, and tap into the full potential of digital technology. She is renowned for her ability to work seamlessly with team members at all levels of technical proficiency, guiding them through the ever-changing digital landscape with ease and expertise.

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